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Ben Shank, President and Top Pen

You have come to the right place to significantly improve the writing at your organization. We have 40 years of nation-wide experience in training, coaching, and editing. Suffer through unclear writing no more.

Check out how we train, coach, and edit in the bottom row.

You’ll find we have all the expertise you need to ensure writing becomes clear and to the point. Work with us to raise your productivity and satisfy your readers/clients.

We’d love to learn straight from you what writing you want to improve. Contact us by phone: 612.924.0779 or by email: writingconsultants@gmail.com.

How We Train


Working with teams or groups, we have fifteen customizable writing workshops.

How We Coach

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Working with individuals, we do both distance and in-person coaching.

How We Edit


We successfully tackle big and small editing projects.