What have our clients said about our training?

One of the best classes I have ever attended. Nice fit with my everyday needs. Best training hours I’ve spent in a long time.

Great, great class. I’ve asked all my colleagues to attend. My writing style was so dull; it fiercely needed an update—a job well done! A+

Excellent presentation skills, great materials. So knowledgeable, and good to hear current thought and research results.

Got everyone involved in the class and maintained our focus. Clear; lots of tips.

What have our clients said about our coaching?

What a change! I used to avoid writing, hate writing! Now I’m actually enjoy getting my points across.

My boss used to complain about not being able to understand even my emails. That major friction is gone. She even asked me to look over one of her memos.

My organization (a Fortune 1000 company) looks to me for crucial guidance and for the first time in years, my words are not getting in the way of my message.

What have our clients said about our editing?

We turn to Writing Consultants when the writing needs to be top-notch.

They are editing pros, experts who are easy and fun to work with.