Effective Marketing Writing

Engaging and Moving Readers to Action

Effective Marketing Writing is intended for anyone with responsibility for using words to hook impatient readers in today’s marketplace long enough to compel action.

Many in marketing struggle to make their messaging sufficiently clear, concise, and compelling. Adding to that struggle is the need to write in a vast array of formats, from brochures to print ads to e-articles to Tweets to Instagrams to blogs to video scripts and so on. And every six months, social media generates another fistful of new platforms.

Effective Marketing Writing provides participants with practical strategies to meet these and other challenges by exploring and practicing crucial skills including:

  • Making the most of the first 3 seconds of readers’ attention.
  • Reviewing current best and worst examples of marketing writing.
  • Exploring trends in audience response research.
  • Learning to assess what key words and vivid images have the strongest impact.
  • Designing, writing, and critiquing 2-3 marketing pieces linked for the same campaign.