Business Grammar Update

Update on current correctness guidelines—what’s right, what’s wrong, what matters

Business Grammar Update provides a 7.5-hour update on current guidelines for
producing correct, error-free communications. The workshop focuses on the useful
grammar tools that business writers use most often. Participants will change writing
habits and enjoy the following payoffs.

  • Update their understanding of:
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
    • Capitalization and spelling
    • Usage
    • Active vs. passive sentences
  • Develop accurate proofreading skills
  • Increase self-confidence in producing error-free communications

If you’re like most of us, “grammar” conjures up unpleasant memories of
confusing rules and equally confusing exceptions. Business Grammar Update
will bring grammar down to size and up to date with easy-to-remember guidelines
that work every day on the job.