Reader-Friendly Technical Writing

Conveying Expert Information That Is Easy to Understand and Use

Reader-Friendly Technical Writing is intended for technical writers with responsibility
for writing reports, proposals, procedures, or documentation.

This program provides solutions to common writing problems faced by technical
writers, especially when writing to non-technical readers.  Workshop participants
will learn to make efficient use of writing time. They will also improve on choosing
the right level of detail and motivating readers to provide the desired response.

Participants in Reader-Friendly Technical Writing can expect to achieve the
following benefits from their investment in this workshop.

  • Identify  challenges of presenting technical information to non-technical readers.
  • Use structure to present information clearly and persuasively.
    • Attract readers with informative and compelling introductions.
    • Present information in easy-to-follow presentation patterns.
    • Use closings and conclusions to elicit reader understanding and support.
    • Apply guidelines for effective graphics, formats, layouts, and highlighting.
  • Produce readable writing that avoids inappropriate use of jargon.