Writing for Results

Building up the Most Critical Business Writing Skills, From Emails to Reports

Writing for Results provides writers with techniques to efficiently produce emails,
memos, letters, and reports that elicit a positive reader response—communications
that get results. In this 7.5-hour workshop, participants develop the following sets
of practical skills.

  • Design a productive system for writing that saves time.
  • Get your points across in emails, memos, reports, etc.
  • Project a competent, confident, professional image.
  • Structure communications to meet readers’ expectations.
    • Attract readers with emphatic openings.
    • Set up information in readable, inviting formats.
    • Use closings to motivate the reader to respond.
    • Select the right quantity and type of information to cover.

Option for Individual Consultation After Taking Writing for Results Workshop

Several weeks after the group training, all participants meet individually with
the consultant to ensure that participants fully grasp their own writing strengths
and needs for improvement. All participants will leave the conference with a
defined action plan for continuing to develop their skills.