Writing Proposals That Decision Makers Approve

Making Proposal Writing Easier and More Successful

Too many people approach creating proposals as “cranking them out,” as a boring and
thankless job. In reality, proposals pave the way to solid decisions that lead
organizations into the future. Such proposals must be clearly focused, fully analyzed,
and highly readable in order to result in sound decision-making.

Writing Proposals That Decision Makers Approve provides participants with the
techniques to produce informative and persuasive proposals for a variety of audiences.
Lecture and discussion focus on how to streamline both the planning and writing
phases. Participants will apply the new techniques to their own proposals
throughout the workshop.

Participants can expect to achieve the following practical benefits from their
investment in Writing Proposals That Decision Makers Approve.

  • Identify the relevant priorities and constraints of decision makers.
  • Develop, analyze, and refine information before writing.
  • Create introductions that set the stage for understanding and approval.
  • Decide on appropriate structure and levels of detail.
  • Conclude proposals with emphatic closings focused on action.