About Us

All of us share a powerful commitment to the importance of the written word. Over many years of instructing, coaching, and editing, we have honed our style and perfected our practicality.

In this information-swollen age, we help professionals get across their messages.

Ben Shank

Owner of Writing Consultants, Inc., he is well known as an outstanding writing instructor in a corporate setting. He has taught writing and written professionally since 1975.

His skill in written communications has been complemented by his experiences as a stage writer and performer in the United States and Europe. He was once an accomplished magician.

Ben’s educational background includes an undergraduate degree in communications, graduate training in industrial relations and ethics, and a master’s degree in psychology. In addition to his writing and teaching career, Ben has also conducted frequent workshops in interpersonal communication skills.


Patricia Francisco

An associate with Writing Consultants, Inc., she has taught writing and written professionally for over 20 years. She has authored three books: Cold Feet, Village Without Mirrors, and Telling.

Patricia brings her personal knowledge of the writing process to her professional work with clients in a variety of learning situations. She teaches writing in the post-graduate program at Hamline University, and conducts programs and workshops at The Loft, a center for writers in the Twin Cities. Patricia also works with individual clients on specialized writing projects and problems.

Her background includes a degree in journalism, and she is the recipient of numerous awards for both writing and teaching. Before joining Writing Consultants in 1991, Patricia edited a regional magazine and consulted on writing issues with non-profit and governmental organizations. She has received awards for her writing from organizations including the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bush Foundation, and the Minnesota State Arts Board.
Kenneth Rea, London-based associate with Writing Consultants, Inc., has trained managers throughout Europe for the past 16 years, focusing on Leadership and Business Writing, Presentation Skills, and Communication Skills. To his popular Business Writing courses, Ken brings his experience as a regular feature writer for The Times and before that, 15 years as a theatre critic for The Guardian. He has also written for The Sunday Times and numerous international theatre journals.